Management of distributed energy resources 


Improving grid performance downstream of the sub-station


Creating actionable intelligence from secondary distribution feeders


GridBridge is working with utilities globally to meet their most difficult distribution grid challenges with reliable, efficient, and secure solutions.


GridBridge is focused on solving problems for electric utilities within the distribution grid using data, software, technology and hardware. The Advanced Technology Center is the engine for these innovative solutions.  

About us

GridBridge provides electric utility customers with innovative power delivery solutions at the substation and downstream. The company’s offering combines unique technical resources with fifty years of reliable electrical apparatus manufacturing. 

Safe and reliable

helping utilities

The electric grid is facing unprecedented demands that surpass its original design.  GridBridge understands the problems utilities confront as they manage the rapidly evolving electrical distribution network. Our focus is helping utilities globally meet these challenges with reliable, efficient and secure solutions.


Bringing Power Electronics to Electrical Networks