Power Electronics 

Power electronics remains a key tool to simultaneously sense and actuate downstream of the substation. The team has worked with commercially available Silicon-based technology, as well as cutting edge SiC and GaN semiconductor devices for power conversion technology in high power networks.  While the initial commercially available products have broad applications catered to the electric utility market, the Solutions team is excited to continue offering industry leading products to numerous markets. 

The Unified Power Flow Controller is a critical device located in the Low Voltage Substation to support the uptake of distributed energy resources in conjunction with unprecedented increases in electricity demand. With this ground-breaking technology, the team has successfully demonstrated voltage management to a dynamically adjustable setpoint, improved power factor correction, and phase balancing while simultaneously delivering DC power to charge electric vehicles.


GridBridge is focused on solving problems for electric utilities within the distribution grid using data, software, and hardware.  The Advanced Technology Center is the engine for these innovative solutions. 


The Advanced Technology Center’s research efforts and results are unparalleled.  The team consists of seasoned professionals and flexible experts, thriving on the challenge of complex technical requirements and routinely drastically shrinking design cycles well below industry standard. Driven by a dedication to excellence the team has consistently delivered tangible solutions on budget and within timeline while routinely exceeded customers’ expectations along the way. 


As part of the GridBridge organization, the cross functional development team combines years of electrical apparatus expertise with cutting edge hardware and software proficiency.  This synergy continues to result in an ever-expanding product portfolio.

Software and Data

As the stresses on the electric distribution grid increase, operators and planners require information in order to make decisions. There are many aspects to consider when designing solutions in this space, including capturing the most valued variables, determining the most meaningful sampling rate, establishing how captured data is used and concluding what action to take once that data is read.


GridBridge takes these aspects into consideration when working with a utility to provide a service or even coupling software with hardware. Further, the team is focused on providing software that’s meets the needs of the utility yet doesn’t overwhelm operators with data or a huge learning curve. GridBridge realizes there are many stakeholders within an organization and is always ready to listen.